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Biosculpture Gels


  • Colour gels or French manicure: £38

  • Bio Gel on toes: £27 (with pedicure: £50)

  • Basic (30min): £22

  • Deluxe (45min): £27.50

  • File and re-varnish: £11

  • Re-varnish: £9

  • Nail art or French: £2

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Hand & Foot Treatments

“Fabulous place, fabulous girls! Have 'Bio Sculpture' done on my nails every 4 weeks and guess what they are fabulous too.”

- Helen A

The high quality, long lasting finish



  • Basic: £30

  • Deluxe (callus peel): £40

  • File and re-varnish: £11

  • Nail art or French: £2

Shellac nails

Say 'goodbye' to chips and smudges and 'hello' to Shellac.


Shellac is a hybrid of a gel and polish that dries instantly, is guaranteed to last for 14 days with a mirror-like shine, and can be removed in minutes without the use of a file or drill. It also strengthens and protects the natural nail.




  • Shellac manicure: £31

  • Shellac for feet: £27 (with pedicure: £44)


Minx nails

A massive hit with celebrities, including Rhianna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Fergie and Lady Gaga.


Minx is a unique and revolutionary nail art overlay with a heat activated adhesive backing. The overlays are not wet and therefore have no drying time. They are also smudge and chip proof.


On average, they will last from one week to 10 days on fingers, and up to three weeks on toes.




  •    Minx manicure: £30

  •    Minx pedicure: £50

  •    Minx add-on: £30